• A bold experiment in documentary and narrative storytelling sheds light on one of Mexico’s most controversial institutions, the police force, and the causes of the impunity crisis plaguing the justice system.

  • Aleph is a mysterious point (an opening) suspended in space and time that contains the entire universe. It’s hidden in a splintered labyrinth where ten characters play a game of magic. Their collected thoughts serve as pieces of a puzzle that connect the labyrinth and lead to Aleph.

  • A poet composes a cinematic love letter to his grandmother as his homophobic aunt and drag queen uncle wage war over her estate in Hokes Bluff, Alabama. From director Bo McGuire: “Socks on Fire is a transgenerational docudrama couched in the battle royal for my Nanny’s throne. I returned home from New York City to find that my Aunt Sharon, my favorite childhood relative, had locked her gay, drag-queen brother, my Uncle John out of the family home. As a queer Southerner, who can be both equally protective and skeptical more

  • Love True pushes the documentary genre further into new realms as it looks into the opposing realities of the “True Love” fantasy. Does our view of love change as we grow older? How do we make decisions about our love lives? Is there such a thing as true love? Are there invisible partners in our relationships? Past ghosts of ourselves? The film’s reenactments of significant past experiences and glimpses at possible futures, created with non-actors playing the characters’ older and younger selves, encourage the couples to confront the realities of more

  • Released / 2016

    Somewhere in this lost world, a mysterious City is hiding. Five hundred years ago a group of conquerors disappeared in Patagonia. They built a City entirely in Gold. They are alive. Whoever sets foot on it becomes immortal, but loses memory. It is the City of the Lost Caesars and you have come here to find it.

  • Completed / 2015

    Some people believe that the last thought we have, before we die, is where we will spend eternity. I Remember When I Die explores memory’s relationship with matter, the value of remembering and the fear of being forgotten. Set in a hospice, the patients are asked to choose the memory they will think of when they die. Dramatically, the film works with shifts in time and place, rather than building a story chronologically. Actors will help memories into shape and scientists will be approaching the hypothetical design of a personal eternity.

  • After a woman fails to show up for their date, an artist ponders the divide between romantic and platonic love, and why his past relationships have failed.

  • Leviathan is a feature-length film about men at sea and fish on boats. It offers an appreciation for the sensory experience, labor, and political and ecological stakes of one of the oldest endeavors that has been an important part of human history since the Paleolithic. Shot off the coast of the mythic city of Moby Dick, with eleven cameras swapping hands between the filmmakers and fishermen, in an effort to create a form of collective experimentation that gives free reign to the perspectives of both fishermen and their catch, the more

  • Based on the nonfiction book by John D’Agata, About a Mountain is an essay film that explores the human need to know the truth and what happens when the answers we desperately seek are not so clear. The film follows three interwoven stories, all involving characters who  scramble for answers to personal, environmental, and philosophical challenges. Does the extensive scientific research done at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain ensure that nuclear waste can be safely stored there for one million years? When a bright and seemingly happy young man suddenly jumps off more

  • Seen exclusively in virtual reality, Blackout immerses you in the NYC Subway during a mysterious power outage. Granted a telepathic ability, you gain access to the inner thoughts of passengers simply by moving from person to person. Confronted with a train car packed with people from all walks of life in the city, Blackout is a platform for New Yorkers to openly share their stories.

  • Just a Band is about four Nairobians who drop out of university to form an Afro-electric pop band, a counter-narrative to the lives expected of them. Borrowing from a cultural mishmash of Sun Ra, Kung Fu Movies, Hip Hop and other bits of detritus, the film is a coming-of-age story in the middle of Kenya’s post-dictatorship art renaissance.

  • My First Film is a retelling of the filmmakers failed attempt at making her first feature film. My First Film explores the relationship between an artist’s body and body of work, and is based on a performance of the same name.

  • Like an airborne disease caught in the wind, Christopher Columbus settles upon the “new world” with a manifest detailing strange ideas of untold greed. He himself is also a mere vessel; within his veins flows the promise of immortality… a seductive concept both infectious and inevitable. Spanning 500 years of colonial destruction, Nosferasta: Shadow of the Wind follows Oba, a young West African sold by his own rulers to the Europeans in exchange for a single musket. In the first years of the 16th century, Oba is shipped to the more

  • Filmmaker and performer Jeremy Xido grew up in Detroit as the only white kid in his neighborhood, raised by neighbors who took him in when his parents were struggling. Twenty years ago, he left home and hasn’t gone back, haunted by something he left behind. Until now. Jeremy returns to the city to perform a stage piece he’s presented all over the world and to find out what happened to his childhood best friend, Boo. As he attempts to mount the show, his search for Boo takes over, unexpectedly thrusting more

  • Caught in a modern day dystopia, a novelist uses fiction to examine the very real brutality and absurdity of authoritarian rule.

  • A documentary feature film about Taylor Mac’s Award-Winning 24-Decade History of Popular Music, a 24-hour durational work charting American history through songs popular from 1776-2016. The film will feature performance, intercut with verité and scripted sequences that lend context and humor and sass to the themes and ideas in Taylor’s groundbreaking work. Taylor’s sly, subjective history will be explored and visualized, providing a chorus of commentary on the wildly entertaining performances presented in the film. Rare and select archival footage may be used as well to help illustrate Taylor’s uniquely more

  • A documentary for anyone who survived high school.