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The Shark’s Eye | El Ojo Del Tiburon

Producers Luis Angel Ramirez, Gema Juarez Allen


Summer is coming, and for Maycol and Bryan, this will be their first season hunting sharks. Maycol and Bryan are inseparable friends, in Greytown, Nicaragua. Their days spent playing and hunting small animals together will soon be finished; this summer will mark the end of their childhood and an abrupt journey into adulthood. Juan, Maycol’s father, a hunter and former soldier during the Sandinista revolution is in charge of introducing both children to the trade. Maycol and Bryan will perhaps be two of the last shark hunters of Greytown. The trade disappears along with the species. Opportunities for young people in Greytown are scarce and drug trafficking seems to be the most risk-free job in a town visibly scarred, by rusting ammunitions and burnt out houses, by the recent war. This is a world in which Maycol and Brian will have to find their own path.

The Shark’s Eye | El Ojo Del Tiburon is a Cinereach grantee.