• Each story in Bully represents a different facet of Americas bullying crisis. The Bully Project follows five kids and families over the course of a school year. Stories include two families who have lost children to suicide and a mother awaiting the fate of her 14-year-old daughter who has been incarcerated after bringing a gun on her school bus. With an intimate glimpse into homes, classrooms, cafeterias and principals offices, the film offers insight into the often cruel world of the lives of bullied children. As teachers, administrators, kids and more

  • Set in contemporary Iran in the unseen world of Iranian youth culture, filled with underground parties, sex, drugs and defiance, Circumstance is the story of two vivacious young girls — wealthy Atafeh and orphaned Shireen — discovering their burgeoning sexuality and, like 16-year-old girls anywhere, struggling with their desires and the boundaries placed upon them by the world they were born into.

  • A twenty-first century tale of identity and genetic inheritance, and perhaps the family of the future. For the first time in history a generation of children born through artificial insemination are old enough to search for their biological fathers. For some, it will prove to be a fruitless journey, but the offspring of Donor Unknown have a dad who is willing and ready to be found.

  • Set against Californias decaying suburban communities in the aftermath of Americas economic collapse, Dragonslayer is a documentary portrait of Skreech, a homeless, 21st century, punk-rock Holden Caulfield trying to find a future for himself with only a backpack, sleeping bag, 20 pairs of sunglasses and skateboard to his name. Living out of a tent, Skreech spends his days breaking into the backyards of foreclosed homes and draining the scum water from their abandoned swimming pools so he can do the one thing that makes him want to keep on living: more

  • Released / 2011

    Habibi, a story of forbidden love, is the first fiction feature set in Gaza in over 15 years. Two students in the West Bank are forced to return home to Gaza, where their love defies tradition. To reach his lover, Qays grafittis poetry across town. Habibi is a modern re-telling of the famous ancient Sufi parable Majnun Layla. The full Arabic title is Habibi Rasak Kharban, which translates as “darling, something’s wrong with your head.”

  • Will Shepard is an American satellite-mapping engineer contracted to create a new, more accurate survey of the country of Armenia. Within the industry, his solitary work – land-surveying satellite images to check for accuracy and resolve anomalies – is called “ground-truthing.” He’s been doing it on his own, for years, all over the world, but on this trip, his measurements are not adding up. Will meets Gadarine Najarian at a rural hotel. Tough and intriguing, she’s an expatriate Armenian art photographer on her first trip back in ages, passionately trying more

  • In December 2005, Daniel McGowan was arrested by Federal agents in a nationwide sweep of radical environmentalists involved with the Earth Liberation Front — a group the FBI has called America’s “number one domestic terrorism threat.” For years, the ELF — operating in separate anonymous cells without any central leadership — had launched spectacular arsons against dozens of businesses they accused of destroying the environment: timber companies, SUV dealerships, wild horse slaughterhouses, and a $12 million ski lodge at Vail, Colorado. With the arrest of Daniel and thirteen others, the government had cracked more

  • For a year the filmmaker submerged herself in documenting the secret activities of environmental direct action activists in the UK. The result is a behind the scenes portrait of a community of actively engaged citizens who aren’t prepared to sit back and allow the destruction of the world’s ecosystems and climate. The individuals in the film have picked up the mantle of civil disobedience and direct action — chaining themselves to aeroplanes, super-gluing themselves to bank trading floors, and attacking coal power stations en-masse. Their adventures will entertain, illuminate and inspire.

  • During the 1994 Rwandan genocide, as the country became a slaughterhouse, mosques became places of refuge where Muslims, Christians, Hutus and Tutsis came together to protect each other. Inspired by true stories, Kinyarwanda interweaves six tales that provide a complex and real depiction of life and human resilience in the face of unimaginable danger.

  • Released / 2011

    Based in the forgotten, cross-cultured town of Koza, in Okinawa, Japan, this film follows a 10-year-old boy who looks like a monk and drifts amidst his own beliefs. As he searches for an outlet for his spirituality, he encounters the magical force of nature and the history behind the creation of a place that is not quite American yet not Japanese. The boy, who seems to live on the outskirts of an already outsider society, likes to get a cola float and watch the American soldiers get their tacos at more

  • Two teenage boys who have grown up like brothers go about their lives in the comfortable claustrophobia of an isolated Alaskan town. Early one morning, on a seal hunt with another teenager, an argument between the three boys quickly escalates into a tragic accident. Bonded by their dark secret, the two best friends are forced to create one fabrication after another in order to survive. The shocked boys stumble through guilt-fueled days, avoiding the suspicions of their community as they weave a web of deceit. With their future in the more

  • When forced to choose between the fragile cohesion of her middle-class family and loyalty to her best friend, a Brooklyn teenager juggles conflicting identities and risks friendship, heartbreak, and family in a desperate search for sexual expression.

  • Released / 2011

    Paralyzed from the waist down by a stray police bullet, the title character in Alejandro Landes’s award-winning film spends his days selling minutes on his cell phone, flirting with his comely neighbor — and secretly plotting his revenge. Landes worked on the film for five years, creating a tale that joins the most intimate details of Porfirio’s day-to-day life with an astonishing recreation of his attempt to hijack an airplane.

  • Back from a tour of duty, Kelli can’t wait to rejoin her old life in the rust belt town she’s always lived in. She’s ready to experience the old feelings of everyday life — the carpet under her bare feet, a cold beer in front of the television, the smell of her baby’s head. Slowly, though, she realizes that her everyday life doesn’t resemble the one she left. Struggling to find her place in her family and the rust-belt town she no longer recognizes, what can she reclaim of her share of more

  • The film tracks the irrepressible and lovable Mir as he journeys into early adulthood from a naïve 8-year-old to a fully grown adult in one of the toughest place on earth — Afghanistan.

  • Nik is an energetic 17 year-old in his last year of high school in Northern Albania. He is embarking on his first romance with a girl in his class and plans to open his own internet café after graduation. His sister, Rudina, is a bright, mature fifteen-year-old who aspires to go to college. When a local land dispute results in their father Mark being accused of murder, the family is drawn into a deadly blood feud. The rules of the Kanun, a centuries-old Balkan code of law, force Nik, his more

  • An unfiltered look at the physical and emotional realities facing our aging population, The Patron Saints is an atmospheric and at times surrealistic exploration of assisted living. Bound by first hand accounts of a nursing home’s youngest resident (a recently disabled 50 year-old named James), the film weaves together startling images, scenes, portraits and stories from the residents and those who care for them. Eschewing conventional documentary methods for a heightened visual approach to its storytelling, fundamental questions are raised about the process of aging, the challenge of coping with more

  • As her family falls apart, seventeen year old Sweetness O’Hara is left to fend for herself in a neighborhood where her survival is uncertain.