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Motley’s Law

Producers Helle Faber


Kimberley defends Western and Afghan clients accused of criminal actions in the Afghan legal system.

At first, she came to Afghanistan for the money, but then it became about something else. Kimberley — who had never before left the US — saw how poorly the legal system in Afghanistan was run and how this part of Afghan society had been totally neglected by the international community. For over five years now, human rights cases and troubled expats have motivated her to stay, but personal threats, and the general condition in the country, makes it harder and harder for Kimberly to continue her work.

Kimberley has sacrificed much to reach her goals. Her three children live in the U.S. and she sees them three months a year. But she is working towards creating a better future, also for them. Being a woman who grew up in poverty herself, she strives to become a strong role model as well as being able to financially secure her kids’ future.

What was initially a financially driven personal decision has quickly developed into an obligation towards the underdeveloped Afghan legal system. The lack of women rights, human rights abuses, and the corruption in Afghanistan in general, has awoken in her an unexpected desire to fight for justice.

But time is running out. Nobody knows what will happen in Afghanistan when the international troops leave. Or when the risk will be too high for Kimberley to stay and continue her work for justice.

Motley’s Law is a Cinereach grantee.