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Mother of George

Producers Carly Hugo, Saemi Kim, Lars Knudsen, Chris Maybach, Matt Parker, Darci Picoult, Jay Van Hoy


Set against a vivid New York City backdrop, in the heart of Brooklyn, we are taken into the lives of both Lebo Mobama, owner and chef of a small African restaurant which he runs with his mother, Ma Lebo and his brother, Piet; and his fiancee, Mosa Matashane, who has waited six years to start a new life with Lebo in the States. Eager to uphold their African culture, Lebo and Mosa have a traditional Basotho wedding, filled with dance and music, culminating in a sensual ceremony where Mosa is named for her yet to be conceived son, George. Determined to please her husband, Ma George begins her new life with gusto, filling their small apartment with African prints and food, visiting Lebo at the restaurant and spending time with her childhood friend, Kendra, whose cosmopolitan life intrigues and entices her. At night, she watches TV and waits for Lebo to come home, eager to make love. As the months pass and her pregnancy attempts fail, their love making intensifies as does Ma George’s loneliness. She secretly takes a job behind Lebo’s back and is introduced to immigrants just like her. For the first time, she feels part of a community independent of her husband, and is charged with a new sense of self. But all this comes to a halt when she is unable to conceive George and is confronted by an ultimatum by Ma Lebo. Torn between her Basotho culture and new life in America, Ma George struggles to save her marriage, stopping at no cost to give Lebo his much awaited son.