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Producers Jason Berman, Jon Coplon, Ryan Lough, Gwyn Sannia, Ryan Zacarias


Mediterranea is the story of Ayiva, a 28-year old from Burkina Faso who seeks a better life in Europe, so he can provide for his wife and daughter back home. He and his best friend and brother-in-law Abas, go on a harrowing journey across the Sahara, where they are beaten, arrested, robbed, and forced to work menial jobs to earn money for their crossing. Then, Ayiva captains an overcrowded boat across the Mediterranean, and when a storm hits, many of the passengers drown. After arriving in Italy, and waiting for months to be processed in a detention center, Ayiva confronts the harsh conditions of migrant farming, a labor market controlled by the local mafia, and increasing hostility from the local population. These mounting challenges force him to decide what he is willing to sacrifice for this “better life.”

Mediterranea is a Cinereach grantee.