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IWOW: I Walk on Water

Producers Khalik Allah, Sofian Khan, Vikki Tobak


A radical perspective that shifts focus from the idea of separateness to oneness.

This film was recorded over several intense months during the Summer of 2019 in Harlem NY, Brussels and Haarlem, Netherlands. A film of formlessness out of the norm. The first film from this director this long. A more spiritual cinematic vision. And a continuation of tradition of polyphonic portraiture with something like a full album for a score.

About The Team

Khalik Allah (Director, Producer, DP, Editor) is a New York-based photographer and filmmaker who practices Camera Ministry with an eye as open as his heart. The resulting work has been described as “street opera” and noted for its beautifully visceral humanity. After a number of short films that reflect relationships formed through portraiture, Allah advanced his artistry with the feature-length documentary Field Niggas (2015), shot at nighttime on the corner of Harlem’s 125th Street and Lexington Avenue. This corner also served as the basis for his first photography book Souls Against the Concrete, published by University of Texas Press in 2017. Allah continued with Black Mother (2018), an ecstatic expression of reverences and realities across Jamaica. This award-winning film has been seen in festivals, museums and schools around the world; further released in the UK and the US through distributors Dogwoof and Grasshopper Film.

IWOW: I Walk on Water is a Cinereach grantee.