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Producers John Baker


Set against Californias decaying suburban communities in the aftermath of Americas economic collapse, Dragonslayer is a documentary portrait of Skreech, a homeless, 21st century, punk-rock Holden Caulfield trying to find a future for himself with only a backpack, sleeping bag, 20 pairs of sunglasses and skateboard to his name. Living out of a tent, Skreech spends his days breaking into the backyards of foreclosed homes and draining the scum water from their abandoned swimming pools so he can do the one thing that makes him want to keep on living: skateboarding. In riding pools, Skreech has found a pure form of artistic expression that he refuses to compromise; a decision that has made him an underground legend and left him penniless. On the verge of suicide, Skreech falls in love with Leslie, a 19-year old college student who has rejected the cookie-cutter values of her traditional suburban upbringing and dreams of joining the Peace Corps. When Leslie’s family is forced to sell the childhood home she still lives in due to financial problems, Skreech and Leslie decide to leave everything they know behind and hit the road together in search of a better way of life.

Dragonslayer is a Cinereach grantee.