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January 1, 2016

At Cinereach we are obsessed with finding and supporting films that travel uncharted ground with their storytelling. Many of these films are also innovating when it comes to how they raise funds, rally audiences, and meet creative, technical and administrative challenges.

There is much to be learned from the paths they forge, but not because another film could repeat their successes or mistakes in the same way. Every film is brought into being by a unique chemistry of people, timing and happenstance, in an industry that is evolving daily. Any theory about why something worked, or didn’t, is full of unknowns. This advice from Bryan L. Frye, producer of Cinereach grantee Our Nixon, seems particularly apt. Rather than trying to reproduce something that’s come before, says Bryan:

Make the movies that people don’t know they want yet. There’s no one way to make a movie. When someone says you can’t do something, it usually means you’re on the right track.

As we embark on this new blog, in this shiny new year, we hope to create a space for the exceptionally creative and resourceful independent film community to examine the risks and share the rewards of making vital, artful work and putting it out in the world. It will be a place for ideas that inspire experimentation, unity, and a reminder that there are more possibilities than rules, and as many definitions of “success” as there are films and filmmakers.

Reva Goldberg

Reva is responsible for Cinereach’s communication with the independent film community and for the content Cinereach creates to interact with the audiences of Cinereach-produced films. She has a background in film and TV production, and in making short documentaries to tell the stories of nonprofits. Before joining Cinereach, she produced the documentary All of Us (Showtime), co-produced the narrative feature Toe to Toe (Sundance ’09), and associate produced an Emmy winning special for the History Channel about the 9/11 Commission, among other projects. Reva also directed and produced the 28-minute short An Imaginary Thing (Camden International Film Festival ’11, Big Sky Film Festival ’12).