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August 24, 2018

These featurettes offer a uniquely personal look at the making of We the Animals, in theaters now.

For a short-attention-span overview of development, production and post (with an emotional kick) here’s “How to Make We the Animals” (in 60 seconds):

It all started with a novel by Justin Torres. This video from Justin’s perspective helps explain how the film honored its source material, while taking on a cinematic life of its own:

First-time actors Evan Rosado, Josiah Gabriel and Isaiah Kristian also took us through what making We the Animals was like for them. Being on set for the first time, learning to swim, becoming screen brothers…

Here’s a one-minute profile on each of the boys, from their stand-out auditions as first-time actors, through rehearsals, to showing up on set prepared to perform.

This one’s not a “featurette” in the traditional sense, but a short film in its own right. Filmmaker Josh Banville wrote and directed this three-minute piece titled Animationism, featuring We the Animals animators Mark Samsonovich and Caitlin Kim, about the “analog” side-effects of animation work.

And finally, here’s a meditative look behind the curtain at some of the visual effects overseen by Visual Effects Supervisor Dorian West:

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