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January 20, 2018

In addition to their selection for the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, Cinereach production We the Animals and the grant-supported films Monsters and Men and Night Comes On, have at least two more things in common: Laura Klein and Kat Hass as their First and Second Assistant Directors.

As the films make their world premieres this week, we asked the producers to share memories or photos of this dynamic (and prolific!) duo to celebrate the work Laura and Kat did to help each film achieve its creative potential.

We the Animals producer Christina King describes the pair as “a rare breed of methodical, technical brains” while being “passionately engaged in the creative process of making the film. You could tell Laura cared deeply that we got that shot at that location at that specific time, not just because it made the director happy, but because she too got a high off of making something beautiful. And Kat not only kept our whole world running, but somehow found time to lovingly document the whole wild mess through her photographs (she’s an amazing photographer!). I hold some of her photographs as my favorite memories.”

LEFT: Jeremiah Zagar,  Laura Klein and crew shooting We the Animals on location in upstate New York. Photo by Ryan Perez. RIGHT: Laura Klein with Josiah Gabriel who makes appearances in front of the camera in all three films.

“From day one,” says Monsters and Men Producer Liz Lodge, “Laura and Kat brought an energy and passion to the filmmaking team that kept us all in motion throughout production and is felt in the final film. As with any production, they faced tremendous obstacles and their dedication and diligence not only kept the ship on course but did so with utmost care and creative collaboration. From sharing casting ideas to locations to shot listing, they both jumped in to help. Laura and Kat lead with kindness and a genuine spirit, which made working with them a true pleasure. They are a fantastic team, and we are so lucky to have them as part of our filmmaking family!”

Kat Hess with Stunt Coordinator Mohammed J. Ali in one of the holding spaces for the Monsters and Men production. Photo by Alystyre Julian.
Laura Klein on the set of Monsters and Men. Photo by Alystyre Julian.
Kat Hess on the set of Monsters and Men. Photo by Alystyre Julian.
Kat and Laura (at right) on the set of Monsters and Men with crew member Lauren Cargo (who also worked on We the Animals).

One of the busiest teams on set, it’s rare to find a photo Laura and Kat together. Thankfully Ashley Leach caught this shot on the set of Night Comes On.

Kat Hess and Laura Klein on the set of Night Comes On. Photo by Ashley Leach.

Here’s to you, Laura and Kat for the organizational genius and collaborative spirit you bring to every set and every filmmaking family you’re a part of.