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August 11, 2017

Whose Streets? is a story of the Ferguson uprising told by the people who lived it.

In reflecting the collective voice of the community where it is set, Whose Streets? has inspired the participation of many—from the creative team that joined forces to make the film, to its supporting organizations, to the festivals and audiences that have embraced it since its premiere at Sundance 2017. Cinereach is proud to be part of the chorus making noise for the film as Magnolia Pictures brings it to theaters today!

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As Whose Streets? makes its way to wider audiences, we look back to this invaluable interview by Remezcla‘s Vanessa Erazo for a discussion of the film’s guiding intentions. Erazo tapped director and producer Sabaah Folayan, co-director and producer Damon Davis, director of photography Lucas Alvarado Farrar, and co-producer Chris Renteria for insights into the collective efforts made on both sides of the camera.

“It’s one of the principles of the movement: honoring community leadership,” says Folyan in the interview. “We were hearing that loud and clear, and we knew the only way to do this project was to do it in collaboration with people from St. Louis, who understand that place.”

Find the Remezcla piece here and purchase tickets at a theater near you.