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March 8, 2019

After bringing Black Mother to film festivals the world over, Khalik Allah’s pulsing meditation on Jamaica now offers itself in theatrical release across the U.S. Beginning March 8th, audiences in New York City can dip into the film’s flowing stream at Metrograph—with additional dates to follow at other theaters around the country.

New Directors/New Films

The curiosity between audience and filmmaker is reflexive—each hopes for the other to be fully present and open. In snapshots taken at screenings during the past year, Khalik has positioned himself as both the examined and the examiner: as a filmmaker who shares his work with audiences, and a photographer who intently trains his lens on those very same crowds. 


With momentary pauses at festivals like True/False, Frames of Representation, and Filmadrid, Khalik has turned moviegoing into a casual nonfiction subject from his own vantage point. 

Frames of Representation at London’s ICA

Mubi’s Naomi Keenan O’Shea has called Black Mother “a surge of assailing visuals and rapid ruminations that invokes the plurality of experience”— and these photos from the road invite you to consider a fraction of the multitudes who have sat down to receive and reckon with the film. 

Sheffield Doc/Fest

Now audiences are offered more chances to project themselves into this picture. Visit Grasshopper Film’s website and @blackmotherfilm on Twitter for opportunities and updates. 

True/False with programmer Chris Boeckmann
Sheffield Doc/Fest, with filmmaker Jenn Nkiru
Rooftop Films screening at Socrates Sculpture Park
Sheffield Doc/Fest
Cinema du Reel