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September 1, 2018

The crew of We the Animals was unusually prolific with their set photography. Here’s just a small sampling of what they captured.

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“Writer/Director Jeremiah Zagar has his own uniform, something the crew took notice of throughout filming. On the last day we banded together to all wear his traditional white v-neck shirt with dark wash jeans as a way of showing him how much we all see him as a leader we love to follow. Took him till we were all standing around at our safety meeting for the day for him to realize what we’d done! Later that day we had a mini monsoon that made wearing white t-shirts not the BEST choice for the day, but as we were all huddled together inside the house, drenched from head to toe, listening to a rainstorm, all dressed the same, nothing could have been a more beautiful representation of the family we’d become.” —2nd AD Kat Hess

“The ol’ summer office! This was hands down-n-dirty one of my favorite sets of the shoot. We dug a 6 ft. deep grave (mud pit) that Pops, Ma & Jonah all interact with pretty significantly in what I consider some of the most back-breaking, heart-breaking, magical climaxes of the film. I was probably down there more than was necessary but it was important to make sure laying in a grave was as comfortable as possible. Jeremiah went down with Evan at one point, and I will never forget hosing him off after we all watched Evan fly.”—On-set Dresser Sydney Stewart (photo by Ryan Perez)
Jonah flies (photo by Gaffer Brant Beland).
“Jeremiah is not about to be abducted. We’re just doing some drone work in Amsterdam, New York with Tim Sessler of Brooklyn Aerials.” —Producer Jeremy Yaches

Click through the gallery below to see captions for each image. WTA crew, let us know if we’re missing your favorite image and story!