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June 19, 2018

When we say Cinereach looks for films that are both “vital” and “artful,” we realize that these words are highly open to interpretation. There are really no hard and fast “rules” regarding what makes a Cinereach film.

The films we engage with generally have a common thread—their potential to bring audiences original and underrepresented perspectives, creative approaches, and transporting experiences. Some are highly topical and relate explicitly to a current social issue or movement, and some tackle ideas and experiences that are not oriented that way at all. We are drawn to a wide range of subject matter, scope, style and point of view.

We are often asked if particular topics or issues are more or less likely to garner our support, but because we don’t base our decisions on those factors alone, this question is hard for us to answer in a helpful way. It’s also worth noting that many of the films that are presented to us are timely, and it’s not uncommon to have multiple submissions that focus on a similar general subject. This makes it especially hard for a submission to stand out if the topic alone is the foremost element of how it is pitched.

Instead, if your film is highly topical, we suggest you describe what you’re working on with the following questions in mind:

What is unique about the way you’re approaching the topic or subject your film relates to? And how is your approach illuminating, or compelling? Why have you elected to take this particular approach? What is missing from the public dialogue that your film might provide?

All funders have different priorities, but if you’re seeking support from Cinereach, we like to see specifics, not just broad strokes, in how you present your project. When we read about your film, we want to get as fired up as you are about the unique potential of the new work you’re bringing into the world.

Meredith Duff

As Filmmaker Outreach Coordinator, Meredith manages project submission and review processes at Cinereach and works alongside the Outreach and Creative Direction Team to identify emerging storytellers and content for the organization to support. Before joining Cinereach, she was an agent trainee at ICM Partners working within the Motion Picture Literary department as well as the International Film Department. Prior to ICM, Meredith was an assistant digital planner at Zenith Media.