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May 11, 2017

In his  i-D interview with Alma Har’el, Tim Ivin describes her poetic tryptic LoveTrue as a blend of  “documentary, fantasy and therapy.”

Now on Netflix, the film “spans the past, present, and the imagined futures of stripper Blake, surfer Coconut Willie, and singer/songwriter Victory. Using a mix of real-life characters and actors to depict these subjects’s potential futures, the film explores the complicated nexus of love in all its forms.” We meet all three of these subjects in the below trailer from Dogwoof, LoveTrue‘s UK distributor.

Curious about her unique storytelling approach, Irvin asked Har’el about her film education. She replied that she “never went to film school and hardly graduated high school.”

“My education is my imagination,” says Har’el. “Dreaming at night, going to therapy and on weird spiritual adventures, traveling. I would say that learning to hold on to freedom, empathy, and my imagination while accepting the violent nature of the world is harder to learn than film.”

Read Irvin’s full interview to learn how psychodrama factored into the creation of the film, the unexpected stardom of one of the subjects, and more. Or simply immerse yourself in the cinematic pleasures and pains of true love by streaming LoveTrue on Netflix. Soundtrack by Flying Lotus. The film’s official web site can be found here.